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Road safety

Road Safety

Need roadside assistance? We're here to help.

TACI Roadside Assistance has been helping Iranian and foreign motorists get back on the road. Our extensive fleets of Patrols are on duty 24 hours every day so that when you run into trouble, we'll be there.So whether you have locked your keys in your car, got a flat tyre, have a flat battery, run out of fuel or just simply broken down, you have all the help you need, give TACI Roadside Assistance a call.

 Need TACI Roadside Assistance now?   Call   09669  or  ( 021)  6423


(FIA)The history of the federation of international automobile The  establishment of automobile club started from England. . .



                 Dial   09629   for

Comprehensive Tourist Information System


With this international document, being one year valid, driving can be committed (in some countries) temporarily.