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Chinese Documentary Filmmakers in Iran in Next Two Months

There was a meeting between Mr. Khalifi, Iran Tourism Overseas' Representative in Guangzhou, and the Chinese documentary film director on 30 March, 2016 at the consulate of Iran in China. They decided that a group of documentary filmmaker travels to Iran in two different times in the next two month, and this group will coordinate it with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran and the representative of TACI in China. At first, a group of five people will come to identify filming locations in Iran. After that, a group of ten people come and stay for filming one month and a half or two months. They named this program: "Iran, I come & roses of Iran are in my hands". They film from two different viewpoints. They look at Iran from a viewpoint of a Chinese investor who meet with various groups in different fields, go to variant factories, and visit the historical places in Iran. The purpose of this person is to find business opportunities.  From the other point of view, a person comes to Iran as a tourist and studies about Iran's handicrafts and carpets. The filmmakers also look at the problems and challenges this person faces in this journey.


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