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The Activities and the Executed Programs of TACI


The activities and the executed programs of TACI were explained in a press conference by Mr. Ebrahim Rezaei Babadi, the TACI's president, on June 6, 2016. He made clear the TACI's accomplishments on reviving the ancient caravansaries, the activities for holding different overseas exhibitions and launching road safety campaigns. He also referred to the traffic accidents which cause thousands of deaths and imposed large amounts of cost on the country's economy annually. In this respect, TACI determines to set up new road safety programs and promote safety standards for motorists and pedestrians. In addition, Mr. Rezaei recounts the other activities of TACI in tourism and handicrafts, preserving the historical vehicles and describes the other projects in progress.


(FIA)The history of the federation of international automobile The  establishment of automobile club started from England. . .



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Comprehensive Tourist Information System


With this international document, being one year valid, driving can be committed (in some countries) temporarily.