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TACI Launched 'Don't Drive When Drowsy' Project in Iran

Driver drowsiness is a serious problem resulting in many thousands of road accidents each year. In the past ten years, about 30% of accidents occurred on the main roads, rural roads and highways in Iran were due to drowsy driving.

'Don't Drive When Drowsy' is the project which is funded by the FIA Grant Programm to provide some education for the transportation companies and drivers of the suburban bus terminals in order to raise their knowledge about drowsy-driving risks and how to reduce or avoid them.

Selected professional instructors and trainers from psychologists, M.Ds and traffic police commanders held a one-day briefing workshop both in Tehran and Mashhad for 67 well experienced professional lectures. Some teaching ideas for public bus drivers were provided in this phase. Some pamphlets, booklets, and training short clips will also be prepared. Selected provinces and axis of Iran will be covered as the most vulnerable regions at the second and third phase of the project.

The aim of running this phase is to assist the trainers to plan and deliver the most effective way to help a minimum of 3000 public bus drivers to avoid accidents resulted from drowsiness or fatigue in selected regions.

The trainers have learnt the best methods to teach the public bus drivers. Resources such as training manuals were available for trainers with the help of experts and specialists. The certificates of attendance at the training program have been granted to the participants.


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