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TACI Plays Its Role In Winter Roadside Assistance Scheme 2015

Like the previous years, the Touring & Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI) is participating in the Winter Roadside Assistance Scheme to improve road safety. This year programme includes 39000 operational teams. These teams will be constantly available on 110 snowy roads and mountain passes across 28 Iranian provinces from 10 December 2014 until 10 March 2015.        

The Roadside Assistance of TACI actively participated with 870 mobile roadside assistance teams, 799 light rescue vehicles, 71 semi-heavy and super heavy rescue vehicles, with 1290 rescuers to provide the rescue operations through 66 provincial representative offices.

As one of the custodians of road safety and roadside assistance provider, TACI is ready to serve all the people at the Iranian roads. These measures won't be implemented properly without the cooperation of the people; hence, the Iranian and foreign motorists are advised to carry safety equipments when traveling, make sure to fill the fuel tank of the vehicle, and have pre-trip vehicle inspection, then comply with good average speed and take care of the distance between the vehicles to help increasing traffic safety on the roads.

The winter scheme 2015 is a cooperative activity with 236000 members from Iranian organisations, including the traffic police, the Road Maintenance & Transportation Organisation, the Relief and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, the Disaster and Emergency Medical Management Center, the Saipa Automobile Manufacturing Group, and the Roadside Assistance Department of TACI.           

Operations are running smoothly with the cooperation of all organisations involved, the media and the people to minimise road disasters and accidents in Iran.

For benefit from and use of rescue services nationwide, as well as getting the Iranian Comprehensive Tourism Information, motorists can dial 0216423 24-hours a day.


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                 Dial   09629   for

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