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Q: How many delegate TACI has throughout Iran?


A: At the moment, Touring and Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran has 325 agents in the country wide which are providing several services for domestic and international Tourists.



 Q: How is the Road Side Assistance like in Iran?


A: From half a century ago, one of the essential tasks of the road side assistant site of TACI has been providing services for the vehicles (those vehicles which need some repairs and have accidents) for both domestic and International tourists. To do so, road side assistant has been established affiliated by Touring and Automobile club of Iran. This site has 31, 24-hour representatives in different provinces of Iran, which are equipped with 300 lights, heavy, and medium road assistant and rescue vehicles with wireless devices and 600 well- experienced employees from different parts of our country. Contact information of the site are as follow:   Web: emdad@taci.ir, Tel: (+98) 09629 – (+98 21) 66710710 - (+98 21) 6423                      


Q: Who is responsible for disabled people driving in Iran?          

A:   In Iran welfare organization is responsible for disabled people and provides many services for these people. There are several special parking places and special car plaque has considered for these people.


Q: Do I need to get temporary registration plate for passing across the border lines of Iran?


A: There is no need for temporary registration plate for passing across the border lines of Iran, but if the importer desire to drive through Iranian roads, such a temporary plate is necessary. These temporary registration plates are free because the importer would have carnet de passages and has paid money as deposit in the origin country.


Q: Can I temporarily import my car from UAE to Iran? 


A: The cars which are entering from UAE ,temporarily, can pass through Iranian roads for two months, and based on importer request, this period can be extended for two months more .


 Q: In the case of a car accident, what can a foreign tourist do in Iran?


A: In case of a serious vehicle accident for international tourists in Iran, there is a possibility to overhaul all damaged car in Iran and there is an easy access to several technical services for Iranian and international tourists in Iran.


Q : In the case of a vehicle type C, how much is the cost of:

- towing or transporting vehicle, outside city?

- towing or transporting vehicle, in a city?

- loading and unloading the vehicle on tow-truck?

- transporting the driver of the car?

 - cost of breakdown assistance?

- call-out fee?

- per hour of repair work?


A: Towing fee (out of the city) up to 10 kilometers is 250000 RLS ,more than 10 kilometers per each one kilometer,10000RLS will be added to the mentioned fee.

-Towing fee (inside the city) up to 10 kilometers is 350000 RLS, more than 10 kilometers per each one kilometer 11000RLS will be added to the mentioned fee.

-Pulling out the damaged car from guard-rail & road-shoulder with crane, (out of city) is 300000RLS.

-Towing fee with heavy tow (carry the damaged car on it), up to 10 kilometers 600000RLS, more than 10 kilometers per each one kilometer, inside the city 13000 RLS and outside the city 12000RLS will be added to the mentioned fee (600000 RLS).

-The fee of technical check (to fine out the problem of the car), inside the city 150000RLS & out of the city 120000RLS.

-Stopping fee (as request for example for insurance affairs,…) per hour for light-tow 100000RLS & for heavy-tow 150000RLS.



Q: Does the TACI still have a travel agency called Aras Travel?

A: Yes TACI has ARAS Travel agency at the moment and we present several services to the domestic & international tourists same as ticket, hotel, etc…. .( www.arastravel.ir )


Q: Could you give the amount of fines for these offences in Iran:

 - exceeding the speed limit?

- driving through a red light?

- parking in a "No parking" zone?


A: exceeding the speed limit              500000     Rls.                            300000     Rls.                                  200000    Rls.

  - driving through a red light             1000000    Rls.                            900000     Rls.                                  500000    Rls.

  - Parking in a "No parking" zone      300000      Rls.                            300000     Rls.                                  100000    Rls.



Q: Can a foreign motorist, member of an FIA club, obtain a price reduction on the breakdown and towing service provided by SOS?


A: As a matter of fact TACI has not considered any discount for several FIA members club up to now. BUT as you know TACI has a huge number of members who are travelling abroad, if there is any possibility to have a multilateral collaboration between TACI and other clubs to accept our membership cards and could be obtained a price reduction on the breakdown and towing service provided by SOS reciprocally TACI will present its readiness to reduce the roadside assistance service prices for all the FIA Club members.


 Q: Seat belts: could you please tell me if it is compulsory to wear a seat belt when travelling on the rear seat of a car (if the car is equipped with them)?


A: Fasten the seat belt for rear seats became mandatory from 11th of Nov.2011.In that case fines of this offense is 300000RLS in Iran.

Q: Children in cars: are there laws concerning the use of child restraints?


A: For taking care of children we have several rules in Iran. Some of them are obligation and some of them are suggestion.

 For example carrying the young children on front seats is forbidden. Traffic police advise to the families that use child car seat for carrying the children on rear seats and keep the child safety locks ”off” during their travel.


(FIA)The history of the federation of international automobile The  establishment of automobile club started from England. . .



                 Dial   09629   for

Comprehensive Tourist Information System


With this international document, being one year valid, driving can be committed (in some countries) temporarily.